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Default Re: Is Bringing a Life Jacket Necessary?

We bring my sons with us for the beach and any water excursions. The one trip, the child life jacket was the big orange clunky type (not great for swimming). The other thing you might try is the swim vest. This one has pads on the front and back with straps. You can remove the 8-9 foam pads inside to decrease buoyancy (its for swim training). It wont be as bulky as a life jacket. My 2 cents on arm floaties-skip them. I was a lifeguard and we banned them from our pool when parents slapped them on their kids and turned them loose in the pool. On a few occasions, they would leak and I had to pull a few kids out while the parents were also sitting on the side talking (hence never leave your child alone in the water, especially the ocean where the waves and currents can pull them out into the deep water).


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