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Default Re: Parents of teens - how much freedom?


A lot depends on how old your teen is. We just got back from a week on the Inspiration with our three children, 10, 12 & 15. We brought walkie talkies (4 Cobra 5 mile range) with us. Each child had one and one for my husband and I. They had to check in every hour by walkie talkie and every two hours in person. The kids had their own cabin right next to ours. They had to be in at eleven, unless they were with us (I brought a "baby" monitor and set it up in their room so I would know what was going on in there). We all had breakfast and dinner together each day and watched the shows together. During times in port we were always together. The two girls (12 & 15) tended to stay together for the most part. My son (10) was either at the pool or in the game room. He met another boy his age at the pool and the two of them stuck together. This was the second cruise we took with them so they had the routine down as we did the same thing last year. Hope this helps.

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