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Default Re: Is it OK to be fat?

Hello, I took my girlfriend on the Granduer, I booked a suite with a huge balcony. I was thinking it would be a great trip; just the two of us. I was wrong, you see my girlfriend is 5"5" and about 175;she had the same fellings as you,she did not want to be seen on deck in a bating suit and she was so jealous of the skinny women. I told her over and over she looks great , she was upset and did not wan to dance or do anything. I am in shape myself and ate all the great food, she thought I was not helping her out by me eating so much, I was there for fun also and wanted to have a good time; she told me if I wanted to dance go find a skinny girl and have fun. I was on the cruise with her and not out to meet someone new even with all the skinny women aboard.

I think if you are overweight deal with it and do not bring down your boyfriend because you are upset about the way you look. I bought some photos and they were tossed out to sea. I am not saying all overweight women are this way it's just not our fault you are this way and if a guy pays your way treat him with respect.. There will always be skinny women and overweight women it's all about your personalty..
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