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Default Re: Is it OK to be fat?

Well everyone, I'm thin!! Very thin! Do I look good in a bathing suit? Heck no! I have the legs of an 80 year old , that's right they are butt ugly! Varicose viens that stick out a mile. Right from my mid thigh, down both legs, and blue and purple!! How's that for a visual!
I could get surgery, but I am waiting( don't ask why, just think of a flightless bird that Colonel Sanders cooks)
So how do I feel in a suit, well you figure it out. I take and wear a sarong type wrap, but to actually get in the pool I have to remove it and then WALK across the deck. This will explain why I have to have a deck chair right next to the pool( so watch out chair hogs I fight to the death) .
We all have issues we have to deal with, so fat or thin, suck it up and go and have a fun time!!
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