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Default Re: Re: A Few Questions?

My daughter 14.5 was just on the Elation with us. There is an 12 to 15 year old group. She enjoyed the ice breaker the first day and some of the games, but didn't really join in the activities after that. She read in her bathing suit, or joined in the adult stuff, like the game shows, bingo and behind the scene tours. They do have free time up in camp carnival for the 12 to 15 year olds for psII and computer games. And, a teen disco every night until 11:00. They are extra but all fancy drinks could be made non-alcoholic

I ran and bought our 2 girls a soda card the minute we got on board. It was worth every penny. We started using it at lunch before the ship even sailed! In the dining room, after a rough start the "drink lady" would have 2 sodas for my older daughter and 1 for my younger daughter, waiting for us every night when we set down. It's good all over the ship and in the restaurants, just not for room service. You get soda in a glass or a shirley temple. One glass at a time, but you can go right back for more.

Fast food--the 24-hour pizza and ice cream were awesome. Other favorites: The Crepes on the Midnight buffet, lobster, prime rib and rack of lamb in the dining room and sushi on the promenade deck (don't know if they have sushi on the paradise).

Strange items I always used: highlighter pen, power strip, clothes pins, behind the door shoe holder, bug spray for Belize, sticky notes, zip locs, cooler to use as mini fridge. Also brought underwater cameras, suncreen, lots of toiletries, camera, video, books, etc. etc. And, way too many clothes!

I forgot film and it was $8.95 a roll on board. Also, could have used the sweater I forgot. Only had one jacket that I had to make go with everything, as it is chilly on the ship!
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