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Jerry and Kirk
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Default Re: Re: Pill or Patch?????

Wait! There's one more option, Sea-Band:

"The Sea-Band operates by exerting pressure on the acupressure point (called the Nei-Kuan Point) on each wrist. It takes only a few minutes to become effective. The Sea-Band provides effective relief from all forms of Travel Sickness without causing drowsiness or other side effects." About $8 for the pair in drug stores.

I bought these wrist bands for my partner (on the word of a friend who swears by them) hoping that it might help his serious vertigo problem since all medications designed for vertigo have been ineffective. Sadly, he had to remove them after the first day because he started it itch, I suppose he was allergic to the fabric??? In the days when I took sea sick meds I much prefered the patch because of less side effects. Pill meds always seemed to have warnings not to drink alcohol. Well who wants to go on a cruise and not have a liquor type drink (except AAer's of course) that's no fun! I also experienced drowsiness with pills and that's no fun either! Maybe medications (pill form) have changed over the years, I don't really know. Perhaps someone will write in and let everyone know if Sea-Band really works. Good luck!

Jerry and Kirk
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