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Default Re: Shopping in St. Thomas

The Grand Jewelers - shopped there so much they send me and my mother Christmas cards. They are located in St. Thomas and in St. Marteen. This is the only place I will buy jewelry on a cruise.

I bought a ring in May 2001 and in Jan 2002, knocked it against a door jamb and lost a diamond. Took it back in on my next cruise to St. Thomas (May 2002) and they sent it off for repair and it was back at my house within 2 weeks. They have a lifetime guarantee on all jewelry and each piece my mother and I have bought have appraised higher than what we paid - some by big bucks and some we just save a little on (we use a long time family friend who has in the past told us is we paid more than piece was worth - he is trustworthy).

Ash is the name of the guy that usually waits on us. On our May 02 cruise he was in St. Thomas, then in July 02 I went to St. Marteen and he was there....bought more stuff.

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