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Default Re: Looking for Company 9/4

Hi DJB Sept 4th where's your ship going Should I not be able to break the ice barriers with my Carnival Fascination shipmates on my own cruise to Cozumel (Pre Ice -Breaking posted tonight) Maybe I can jump ship and hear some of your stories. Last year I was on the same cruise as you to do some drinking , do some gambling and soak up some fun and sun. It was Carnival's Imagination Ship and it began in a rainstorm and it was I believe a cursed ship So I called it the cruise to Hell I'am to laid back to get upset because I work at the Breakers Hotel Resort in Palm Beach and to work in the business the main qualification is PATIENCE. But it was suppose to be for what could have gone wrong did encluding my lost luggage on ship. I ended up being upgraded from the Riveria Deck to the Main Deck in a suite with ocean picture window. It was a trip filled with laughs and dinner table story telling as each night the other table guest would ask the question of that day's miss guided adventures. After 4 days landing back in Miami I stood on the deck laughing with my new made friends as we all got soaked in a welcoming rainstorm. A pleasant ending to the beginning.. Have an enjoyable up and coming cruise and don't forget the sunscreen. RAINBOWS over your ship have fun. I'd like to hear any high sea stories drop me a line when you have time. P.S I found this web site in the travel section of The Palm Beach Post really think it's a great way to meet with others as a single before getting on the ship as well meeting others to book a future cruise. I'am taking 3 months off (my time to live rather than work and pay taxes) starting Aug31 and plan to sail again to Cozumel Sept27 then 2 possible cruises a 7 day maybe Aug31 and a 11day late Oct. both Eastern and Southern Caribbean. Take care and good sailing
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