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Marnie L.
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Default Re: Alaska cruisetour Aug/06, 50+ fem. seeks cruisemate

Hi Francine.

I've been working on this itinerary for just over a week, and have to get more i's dotted and t's crossed before I take it to my travel agent for fine-tuning. So rough estimates obtained from websites only:

Cruise about $1600 US pp (double occupancy) for a lower level, outside window (not just porthole!) I'm going to check out the cruisecomplete site too that I've heard mentioned in these forums, to see what kind of prices they come up with, but since August is peak season there probably won't be much if any savings. Inside rooms are about $400 less. I'd prefer an outside but since I don't plan to spend much time in the cabin, would be willing to take an inside. The website says it includes taxes but I don't think that means port taxes too, that would be another $190 or so. That's one of the things I still have to check out. Shore excursions over and above that (I'd estimate mine will cost about $350 this time, but I'm not doing any flightseeing--did that last time!) Check out If you click on "Fleet", "Statendam" then "explore deck plans" you can see exactly where the cabins are.

Landtour from Seward to Fairbanks is about $1500 US pp (double occupancy), but that can be reduced if you don't want to do some of the excursions I have planned. Or, increased, if you want to do any flight-tours instead--they're expensive. I'd suggest you check out to get an idea of what's available. Meals are over and above that.

And of course we mustn't forget airfare! Last time the one-way airfare from Anchorage to Vancouver cost as much as the round trip from Winnipeg to Vancouver.....And lastly, a trip cancellation/insurance package, I'd estimate about $250.

If you give me some idea of your cabin preferences (which deck, inside or outside, located in midship or not) we could go from there. I can't really get a quote from any travel agents until I know which cabin I'm talking about.

Have fun in Toronto. I haven't been there in years. I've visited most of the US at some time or other, but never got to the East cost except for New York, or the lower right-hand quadrant, which of course includes Florida! It would be nice to visit your lovely state especially during some cold, dreary winter. But that's for another vacation!
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