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Default Re: Over 30's singles non-Carnival cruise

I have been hesitating to write but I guess it's time I did. I am looking for cruises where I can meet other solo travelers and have companionship at dinner, excursions, and ship entertainment / events. I am 45 and single, female, and ... I'll be blunt - I am not one of the "beautiful people" and my best outfit is NOT a bathing suit. Don't want to feel "out of place" because (1) everyone is younger, bikinied and looking to hook up with someone. I have always felt that taking a singles cruises will be uncomfortable for this reason, even if they are not overtly advertised as such. I'm not saying I am not interested meeting people of the opposite sex, just that I don't want that to be the focus of my cruise and those around me. I am not generally a bar / singles /pickup scene kind of person at home, and don't want to be in this type of environment for a vacation either. Yet, I can be enthusiastic, witty and fun, and I do want to have companions (both male and female) who are somewhat like minded for vacation fun. So, can others who have been on singles cruises be honest - which are the best to take, given my age and interests, and which are best avoided? Is it best to avoid the singles cruise altogether and just take my chances traveling solo? Thanks.
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