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Default Re: Over 30's singles non-Carnival cruise

Dear fellow cruisers,
It's been very interesting to read all your replies to Jodi's original message - I thought I would add my two bob's worth!
I have done 20 cruises over the last 30 years, the first was in late 1974 after my marriage breakup - someone said I would meet lots of new people & have a fun, relaxing time, and it was wonderful, - I did'nt think of home or problems for the whole 12 days!! Since then i have really become a cruise addict, I did three 1/2 world cruises on P&O's "Canberra', and I think some of my most enjoyable times have been aboard that and other ships. Most of these times I shared a cabin with someone I had never met before as I could not afford to book a cabin all to myself. You actually don't spend much time in the cabin anyway, showering & sleeping is about all! I had no problems at all , once you decide who's cupboard is who's, thats about it!
I am in my very late 50's - (OK,OK, just 60 then), single, and now have the time & income to do lot's more cruise in the next 15+ years, but I am very, very annoyed that alot of cruise lines won't let you 'share with a stranger' any more. If I want a cabin all to myself I am willing to pay for it, but I don't, and I'm sure there are lot's of other singles who would willingly share. Personally I think these cruise lines are trying to 'gouge' extra money from singles just becauce they don't have friends with the time, money or interest in cruising. So thats my little 'moan' for now --I will cruise again, but not so much if I have to pay the dreaded 'single supplement' ...... Happy cruising!!
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