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Default Single cruising as in truly single

I have read so many posts on this web-site in the last month or so....

I have read about people who went on a cruise because other half had to work or whatever....

I have read about people who have gone on arranged single cruises.

BUt has anyone truely gone on a cruise as Single as could be... and not on an arranged singles cruise?

Secondly, i have read Pat's colomns and a few others that state to ask to be seated with single people also. Now I did not book through a TA, or the cruise line, but one of the BIG name travel websites, Travelocity.. actually. Now how would i go about requesting seating with other singles.. Can I call the cruiseline now? or do I do that on board first thing?

Out of curosity what is the percentage chance that there will be other single cruisers on a ship, if no arranged single events?

It is not like I am asking to "hook-up"... I more asking to have a friendly dinner with people, maybe catch a drink at a bar, and maybe go gambling at the ship casino, or an exchursion together..

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