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Default Re: Why are there more single women on cruises?

We do love it! There are several reasons why there's more single women on cruises than there are men. As a general rule women outlive men. Also, most men squeak when they walk and aren't too thrilled about spending $$$ without a guarantee of fun with the ladies. Most men are too interested in sporting events to waste time on cruising. Most men would rather spend time at the local bars, men's clubs, etc. for a lot less money then cruising. Most men would rather sit in front of the tube with a beer than maybe have to dance or risk getting any exercise. In short, women like to have fun and experience new adventures. Men, as a rule, are lazy and just want to have sex without the effort. Now there are exceptions and I'm one of them. I'm one of two guys in my local Jazzercise class of 50 women. I'm one of a handful of guys, in my age group, who spends hours riding bikes, jogging and working out at the gym. So there are a few of us in my age group that enjoy cruising, (I'm 54) who aren't gay and love the ladies, who can still see our toes, much less touch them without bending our knees, but we're few and far between. I hope that answered your question.
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