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Sir Duke
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Default Re: Why are there more single women on cruises?

Greetings Cruisemates

This is a Loaded question for the average land lover. The formention responses are most positive and of course and am speaking from a personal point of view. I know on my first cruise ( 5 under my belt presently) you would have needed a crowbar to wrench 700 dollars from me for a cruise (7 days, my share)

But I would have spent time to get a trip ticket from AAA, money for a rental car,insurance for the rental car, hotel for 7 days, food for the journey... mostly fast food and let's not forget the enterainment...... go figure!!

I have talked to male co-workers until I am red in the face about cruising, checking out the pristine azure/ blue waters, the smell of crisp fresh/salty air but many time to no avail and even showed many, many pictures of people, places .....

So, I believe the rush for men to go cruises will be slow...

Why don't women wear socks?

Sir Duke
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