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Default Re: Firs Time cruise/Spring Fling cruise Mar.'06

Maureen, you sound like you're ready to enjoy the good life. The group leaders will plan a get-acquainted dinner at a nice restaurant in the area and also arrange a get-together at a nightclub the night before the cruise, so everyone who wants to has a chance to meet their new friends for the coming week. They will also make arrangements with a nice hotel so everyone who wants to can book a room at a reduced price. All this information will be given to everyone on a site, set up just for members of this cruise, a month or two before the cruise. You'll receive all this information via email probably around December or January. I always like to meet as many new friends as possible the night before the cruise. But I usually do all my own footwork on flight and hotel arrangements because I usually can get better prices on my own by shopping around and also by utilizing frequent flyer miles. I also like to arrive several days early some times to enjoy some local fun and games. I"M THERE, TOO! WK
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