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Default Re: Re: any love stories from teens on a cruise?

Alittle over 2 years ago I went on the SoS (royal caribbean) for thanksgiving. I wasnt expecting to have a good time, but I went to the teen program anyway. Right when I walked in a saw this really hot guy. All night I wanted him to come over and talk to me. I was playing cards with my dinner mates, and finally he came and sat next to me. He introduced himself and I knew there was something special there. Everyday we hung out and had more fun than the day before. It was the time we both werent looking foward to, saying goodbye. Its was really sad......Two years later we are the best of friends. He lives two hours away from me and we are making plans to see eachother in the very near future, theres something between us, whether its love I dont know but its definitally a very close relationship. I sapose thats as close to love as your going to get on a cruise.
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