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i live in southern Louisiana a few minutes away from New Orleans and its a beautiful sunny day down here w/ temps in the 60's and last weekend we had temps in the 70's. its ridiculous.. its January and the weather is acting like its april or like september or something, like fall or spring weather. down here we're not used to the cold cold temps under 30 degrees, it hardly ever gets below 30 down here. i've only seen snow twice in my life!!!!! so when we look at the tv at all the snow you all are getting up north its like WOW, i'd love to go play in all that!! just like you all get out of school for snow days or TOO cold days, we get days off for hurricanes, hehe..
i will be cruising Carnival CONQUEST over mardi gras holiday February 22nd so if anyone might be cruising w/ me or if anyone has already cruised conquest please let me know how it is!!

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