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What does you all like more? Fuji or Golden Delicious apples? Personally, I think fuji apples are the ever. That's probably due to the fact that I'm asian and racist and so everything Asian is amazing and anything not Asian, is not as amazing. Don't you agree? However, that is only my slightly biased point of view. They don't serve apples on cruise ships do they? I've seen bananas and pears but I don't remember any apples. They had a little fuirt basket. But you noone really dared to consume any of the fruit in the basket becuase it was contaminated; with germs, and bacteria and other disgusting, icky, vile, germy, contaminating things such as germs and bacteria. Also, the name Fuji kinda rolls of the tongue doesn't it. In addition, it Fuji is a very asian word. If you wanted to be asian, you could change your name to Fuji and noone would ever know the difference. And you could say it like FOOOOCHJI APOS. "My name is FOOOOCHJI and I have a problem, I am slightly racist, like for example, I like FOOOOCHJI APOS more than golden delicious APOS." You can solve all of your grammar problems if you change your name to Fuji because then you're newfound asianness would make you instantly popular and noone would care about your grammar. You get the picture. But any input would be greatly appreciated. Fuji or Golden Delicious?

Fuji VS Golden Delicious
So Far the Score is 1 - 0; for Fuji that is
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