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Default Re: Re: Question for ladies, Regarding shoes

!! That is funny. Ok lets see if I can narrow my shoe issue down..

I have workout tennis shoes-(I would not wear with anything else)
casual tennis shoes- for shorts and skirts
flip flops
casual shoes for skirts and jeans
I will go from four evening shoes to three

I guess my problem is not so much shoes, it is the fact that I have daytime outfits then dinner outfits.

I love showering after a day at the pool and excursion. Then changing into something clean and nice for an evening with my husband. That is 14 outfits. Anyway...I sound crazy huh..oh well! As long as I have fun thats all that matters. I wouldn't judge people who don't do what I do BUT I AM SPENDING A LOT of money for the cruise and we all have our own way of doing things.

Anyway, the main point to my question is does anybody have any interesting ways that they pack their shoes which they would like to share with me? Dont be a smarta$$ and say in the suit case. UH OH! I set myself up for that one. I can see it now!



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