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Default Re: Wrinkled clothes

Hi! Aren't garment bags no longer permitted as carry-ons on the planes? Also, I read that if you don't carry it on the ship yourself, it will possibly get put under tons of other suitcases!
Can you do this in a regular suitcase? That would be great! If so, how do you do this?
I once traveled with an Advisor for my daughters school club & this lady never ONCE had a wrinkle! She packed in suitcases! I should have asked her what her secret was!
If all clothing could be made out of the stuff they make those football jerseys you buy at the sports store, it would be great! I could wad that thing up & stick it in a little bag for 6 months & then hang it up & I can guarantee that in less than an hour it would be wrinkle free!!! Love this stuff!
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