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Default Re: topless/and or thong

I would not wear that but that is me personally. I do feel though all should consider how THEY look. Nothing worse then a size 16 plus in a thong and YES I have seen that.

Also too in Matrinique-all the beaches were topless. We took one of those party boat cruises. On the boat with us was a very attractive 50plus women in a bikini-she looked GREAT and very youthful that is until we got off on the beach and she decided to go topless. MAJOR going south-she should have kept her top on-I had been so jealous of how attractive and slim she looked until I saw her topless.

Anyway MY POINt- we all want to be attractive as possible and sometimes this means wearing a little more. That is one GOOD thing about clothes-they can hide a multitude of imperfections.
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