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Default Re: what not to pack

Sorry but don't know of any website but I can make a few suggestions I hope u will find helpful. Pack all sharp objects (sizzs., knives, nail files even etc) in checked luggage (if u aren't sure about it put it into the checked luggage) and all together as much as possible . Easier to reach for inspection if necess. and less disruption to your stuff in your suitcase....The airlines are inspecting a lot these days so plse DO NOT LOCK THE CASE - the locks will be broken open or off or confiscated if they can't get into it. Last air trip in Jan took 3 bags and they were all inspectd and we carry very little to interest anyone - we knew 'cause they left a note in each saying so and a plastic lock on as well that had to be cut off. Yah I know, a 'pain', but blame the terrorists!. Pack all booze, heavily wrapped to prevent breakage, never opened & only in checked luggage. Do not carry aerosal cans, flamable stuff or weapons. Duct tape only in checked baggage (they might consider it is to be used to bind up people...), small tools like pliers, rock hammers, etc. again only in checked luggage. Save your carryon for change of clothes, cosmetics, book , medicines, glasses, maybe a few pops or beers, along with personal papers, tickets, copies of prescriptions & passport and especially - any and all valuables - jewellery, camera, binocs etc. This should make things a bit easier. Happy cruisin'!!
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