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Default Re: Packing for 5 Day Cruise

you will need a couple of pair of Dockers type pants for casual nights. Polo, collar or hawaiian print shirts(Island Night) 1 shirt for each night, casual shoes for the men.
a suit, or sports jacket dress pants, shirt/tie, dress shoes for formal night.
for the ladies - a couple of pairs of capris, with nice tops, flat sandals, maybe a sun or sheath dress, or you can do the Dockers type pants and a blouse for casual night.
Long dress, long skirt w/dressy blouse or dressy cocktail dress, dress shoes for formal night.
Daywear - couple of pairs of shorts - t-shirts, tanks, sleeveless or halters- mix and match - one per day. 2 swimsuits with a cover-up. Good pair of walking sneakers.
Water sandals for beach excursions. Baseball or some type of hat.
Sunscreen, daily toiletry essentials, enough prescription meds for the duration if you take them. OTC drugs- (Tylenol, Bonine, Sudafed, Rolaids etc) enough for the duration..
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