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Default Re: Formal night on RCCL Voyager

Glad you had a good time Koshka. Beautiful ship.

Are you saying that on FORMAL NIGHTS you saw LOTS of people not even wearing a suit? I'm not talking about non-formal nights, but on formal nights, you saw more than just a few people who refused to go beyond casual level in the main dining room during dinner?

If that is true, it differs greatly from what I've seen. A few, unfortunately, would not surprise me, but any number big enough to pay much attention to certainly would. I would say that the vast majority dressed up in some way on formal nights when I was on Voyager recently.

Oh well. Doesn't bug me really - I just feel sad about it. The days of being able to have an elegant fantasy night in public are being beaten down by the jeans-wearing mob. It's too bad, really.
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