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I used to wonder about the negativity too.

My first experience was with the LaTherapie facial. It felt good, the technician gave me the pitch, but I barely understood her. I bought a mask and eye gel because they really felt good. A few days later, I had the "top to toe" Elemis treatment. It was ok...but what did I know, I had never been to a spa before. I came home and started using the Elemis product line and I liked it.

Following year, I had a great seaweed therapy and massage. I was using the line so I didn't get the pitch. The girl was so nice she even let me use her CD player while I was wrapped up. It was a new ship and she was there by request of the Spa manager..she gave a great massage that put my last experience to shame. We got to talking and she was saying that a lot of the other girls had just gotten out of the training program in UK and they weren't used to doing massages all day...their wrists hurt, etc. I was lucky and got great service because my therapist was experienced.
I also had the Ionithermie treatment administered by one of the newbee's. She had no clue...I asked her to turn the machine down and she accidently turned it up...lots of "uh, umm, let me see". I also stepped on a shard of broken glass and my foot was bleeding. She had no idea how that could have happened...I knew it was from the glass vials they crack open and apply to cellulite. I let it go because she was bright red.

After that, I understood how spa patrons can have such drastically different experiences. It's the luck of the draw. This year, I'm not chancing it. I'll spend my money on jewelry instead. I do still like the Elemis Sun Line.
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