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Default Re: Fed up about potty rules!

Different strokes for different folks. I personally go on a cruise to get away from it all. I don't feel like sharing a hot tub with a toddler in diapers (has happened MORE than once and mommy and daddy sit there and laugh while the diaper disintegrates in the hot tub - totally gross and unsanitary) or the kid is splashing everyone in the face - and mommy looks surprised when we ask her to control her kid (Is he disturbing you?? - she looked shocked when we said Yes!). I don't like screaming kids in the dining room (mommy and daddy are too into their meals to realize toddler is bored to tears and tired to boot). I don't mind if kids cruise as long as their parents realize that they need to adjust THEIR schedule to meet the childs - and to ensure that for the most part others are not disturbed by their kid's behavior. Kids are great and they are the future, but please be considerate of others - we all take cruises for different reasons and respect is needed on both sides of the issue.
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