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Default Re: Re: Why do people who hate people cruise?

They do it because this is the way they are. Whether cruising, dealing with neighbors,
dealing with coworkers ,their children's teachers and school administrators etc etc .
These are the people who pull up in the handicapped space because they will only be a minute, the people who barge to the head of the line wherever and whenever they choose to do so because their time is more important than yours. Normally, you would run into these people once in your life or rarely "around town". On a cruise ship, let's face it a rather confined space, you will see them repeat that same behavior every day. The vast majority of people you run into will be quite wonderful people. The same guy will be drunk in the same lounge all seven nights of your cruise. The same kids will be unruly at the table next to yours on 7 nights (maybe that is why people like Personal Choice). The same kids will run uncontrolled throughout the ship every day and it will be the same kids in the hot tub every day. The same rude passengers will be rude every day and the same guy will smoke wherever he feels the urge . It is magnified because of the close proximity of life aboard the ship. Best thing to do is not sweat that stuff if possible and enjoy the overwhelming majority of people and activities that are offered that allow you to avoid this behavior. Focus on the extraordinary service of your waiter, the wonderful new friends from far away that you get to dine with each evening and the fantastic new places your ship takes you each day. Then, come back to this board and vent . Do not let "I'm on vacation and I'm going to do whatever I please" people get to you. Happy cruising to all.
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