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Default Do We Gripe Too Much?

Just thought I might stir things up a bit with a list of common gripes:

1. On formal night, the men at the next table were not wearing coats and ties.......I doubt that it ruined the taste of your steak and lobster. Live and let live!

2. Drinks on the ship were too expensive.......Save the calories for extra desserts and the money for shore excursions. Water goes well with every dish in the dining room.

3. There were too many kids or wild college students on board.......What do you expect when you cruise over times when the schoods are closed?

4. There were too many senior citizens on their ship.......We old people have to have some way to spend our children's inheritance. If you are on board with me, I'll race you around the jogging track!

5. I gained too much weight!.......That's what happens when you permanently reserve a lounge chair. Use the gym, jogging track and the stairs. You CAN have your cake!

6. The man standing nest to me at the rail was smoking........Move away and let the poor guy ruin his lungs.

7. The food in the dining room was terrible.......I guess that if you normally eat in the best Parisian resturants, that might be true, but it sure beats McDonalds. In 18 cruises, I have never had bad food.

8. How can I smuggle liquor on board?...... Would you like the ships to permit you to bring your own liquor and then pay a lot more for the cruise? It really is a type of theft, guys.

9. The ship rocked too much........You were on the water, that's what ships do!

10. The music in the disco was too loud......Go somewhere else. Unfortunately, music almost everywhere is too loud these days.

11. I didn't get my luggage till 9 pm........If you can move 3000 pieces of luggage to all the cabins any faster, the cruise line has a position for you.

12. It is a week before the cruise and my documents haven't arrived..... If they don't come soon, you might really have a gripe. They mostly always do arrive.

This was done in a spirit of fun. Don't hate me too much!
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