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Joe Reynolds
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Default Re: People who are rude to the staff.

If I see someone like this, I usually will try to make conversation with them away from the table. I just try to find out something about them and what they do and see if I can figure out why they are so rude. It is just a hobby.
On a cruise on the Horizon my foursome was seated at a tabe with four others. They had just ordered and we sat down and I begin to speak to the young lady next to me when the oldest lady called the waiter and had him move them to another table.
I later spoke to one of them while we in line at the purser's office. The lady was very nice and I found out they were from Malta. She didn't recognize me as being one of the ones at the table the day before. I was trying to get around to asking why they moved ? She was so nice, it must have been for a good reason, which I never found out because I didn't want to embarres her by telling her I was one of the people at the table that they left.
The waiter that was caring for our table was very embarrased and apologized. He didn't know why they moved. I live in he United States and our other travelling couple live in England.
It didn't spoil our trip at all, and I hope we didn't do anything to spoil these other people.
Strange things happen.
I think the biggest entertainment on cruises are the other people you meet. I love to hear their tales.
By the way, I have been a surgeon for 30 years but don't think we should be getting into Medicare and Medicaid. I am on Medicare now. My patients were always the boss, but that didn't mean I had to do what they wanted. I was paid to do what was best for them.
I trust waiters to take care of me the same way. Most patients were not rude to the person that was going to cut them open. You should never be rude to those who are going to feed you and see that you have a good time.
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