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Default Re: Re: Re: Not following dress code

I actually have sen people stopped at the door and informed that they were not in the 'approprate attire for dining' and they were asked to please either dress approprately or dine in the informal Lido area. That Maitre D' got a big thank you, handshake and a fat tip from us. I think I will start making it a point to point out to the Maitre D' that I hope he has the courage to insist on approprate dining attire on the cruise and also report the enforcement and expectation that it should be enforced on the comment cards. The home office DOES see these cards and take them to heart. I've seen nice jeans in the dining room on casual nights and don't really have much of a problem with that, especially from those who normally dress in this fashion and even on formal nights I have seen formal jeans. (Yeah I did my time as a cowboy in my youth, a real one too) but I do expect people to be respectful of the requested attire. If you want to dress sloppy, then go camping or something.

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