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Default Re: Re: Cruise Ships & Art Auctions - Article - CRUISE L

I also agree - I especially do not like the art auctions for the same reason - if you have a complaint it is too hard to get satisfaction.

I read the article, and I find this claim ---

A "Salvador Dali" signed lithograph was purchased as a wedding gift recently but when the couple finally set up house and went to have it appraised for insurance purposes they were told it was worth only $50 (though the purchasers paid $4,000).
to be questionable unless the auctioneer was actually dishonest. I have sat in on many art auctions and I have always found them to be accurate on the difference between a "signed" original, a "signed lithograph" and a "block signature."

It sounds like it was a block signature, which is what almost all the pieces are if it is a famous artist. To say it is an original signature is a completly different story, and outside of the 30-day period or not, that would be fraud in my opinion. I would like to know the source of that story and the actual resolution.

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