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Default Re: people who go on cruises every month

o.k. I've got a little thing about people that live near a port. The fact that they can jump on a ship anytime for a few hundred bucks is just sickening. We have to fly from Toronto usually $600, and then the price is in USD, so convert to Canadian dollars, then every time we buy drinks, shopping (wife has shopping illness) or pictures etc, have to convert to Canadian plus excursions eating drinking etc in ports - i get sick!!

For example, we're paying $1300 in our higher taxed higher cost of living disposable income dollars for the majesty on Friday that i'm sure others will have paid $200 - $300 for living close to the port.

But as you know, we get hooked on cruising and I'm not complaining about anything.......really, I'm not!!


....gotta go pack now, leaving tomorrow for Florida - woo hoo !!

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