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Default Re: people who go on cruises every month

I too am from Canada, Montreal to be exact... I have been on 3 cruises since January (which I find is probably a lot seeing as how I need airfare each time)
2 were the caribbean/bahamas and the third was alaska.... I am 23 years of age and am hooked on cruising, shall we say. There are many deals to be had out there, including airfare.. for us canadians, jetsgo has their loonie (1$) sunday sales where a roundtrip flight to Florida can cost only 56$ CAD. Not a bad deal, eh? I would know because this is how we travelled once.
I will jump at the chance to go and am in constant envy of all those Floridians who are within hours of these ships.... I think i would go absolutely broke if I lived there and had the option of cruising whenever I felt like it!
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