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Laurie, agreed but I've yet to see the advert or quoted price for that time of year that states, you take a risk and sail with us at this time of year and we will take the same risk for you

So we will reduce your price by 33% just in case sh*t happens, you got a big discounted cruise, eyes open, no come back. And if nothing happens your bucks up

Its the people that take the risk, not the line as they do not reduce their prices to suit those time of year potential conditions in the Carib. They know the risk, but deal with it badly and as a company, risk taking.

The lines attitude is "whatever", sell the bunk, get them onboard, get their bucks, we can deal with feedback and complaints later if what we sell does not match up to reality and with mininimum pay back in comparison to income

Something not right in that contract regarding trust.

And before some SA says "well its a business". I know that and always I always remember that its one way regarding loyality.

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