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Default Re: Hurricane Comps

Hi Lisa as always I take what you have to say onboard, but regards those discount levels the lines offer to take the risk in Hurricane season. Well I disagree

Example: and prices are quoted (UK) from a brochure of one of the largest lines out there for a 9 night Carib cruise including flights

Premium Ocean View Cabin

Low Season : Oct,Nov price 2,379
Mid Season: April, May, Sept 2,429
High Season:May,June,July,Aug 2,569

From High to Low season, even on basic maths they are offering less than 9% discount. To me that is not a large enough discount to take the risk of sailing then and potentially missing your ports.

High season is high season because of the demand due to vacation times, not the weather you will experience.

Okay the whole compensation thing and people jumping on it, I agree. But this is not a scenario that involves some half wit cutting themselves with a knife or spilling drinks on themselves

But back to my point. Kuki I agree the risk is always left with the individual in this case not the line as they cover it in clauses, rules etc. Thank you for pointing out to read the small print I would never have thought of that.................

The lines actually know they may not be able to cover expectation at that time time of year, but firmly place the risk on the passenger, for that sort of money its a bit one-sided

Also to all, please take into account that a lot of people do not come from America, so they may not be fully aware of the weather conditions in certain areas at certain times of year

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