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Years ago on Carnival we felt VERY pressured to mark off " excelllant" on our comment cards for the dining room, in fact the waiter begged us to, it was most uncomfortable.

We have since sailed on Princess and since the cards were in the stateroom we have had no one approach us directly and solict an " excelllant " rating. We also do not go to the "debarkation " talks so perhaps that is where it is brought up.
I do think that with "personal choice dining" there is no one waiter to thank or listen to the begging so therefore it is just another reason to like PC diining.

I do find it offensive to be told that "anything less then an excellant" rating will " get me fired". If that is true then all I have to say is " do an excellant job".

That said we have had some excellant service, and we note that on the cards by actually naming the person who was excellant. We have never given anyone a " poor " rating, even when we have had one or two bad expericnes, we rate based on " overall service" not just one incident. Everyone has a bad day.
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