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Default Re: fat people

Must be a husband thing. Whenever I ask my husband if something makes me look fat , he always says "Doesn't matter if I say no, you don't believe me anyway." He is right, I don't believe him. As for my son, that's another story. There was a time a few years ago, when I weighed barely 100 lbs. after dieting way too strict. I developed all kinds of medical problems. My son, who's lucky he made it to 20, told me "Mom, maybe you had the medical problems all along and they were covered up by the fat." Another time more recently, my loving son told me, "Don't worry about how you look mom, I think you're beautiful. Even if sometimes you look LOPSIDED AND LUMPY." Mind you, I'm not 100 lbs. anymore but I'm also not fat. Guess some people can be more honest than others. I now no longer ask MY SON how I look or if I look fat. I'm alittle afraid of the answer. <VBG>

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