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Default Re: fat people

Oh Shelly, that is NOT an eye-opener! That is something that would make your eyes slam shut and be afraid to re-open! <> If you have those great cruves then go ahead and flant them. If you are , well a normal person then you might wear one and I don't think anyone would care. However, if you are in the 450-500lb range then unless you are the worlds tallest woman then do not wear a bikini or thong! Same goes for us guys too BTW. I have been told by some very reliable and honest women that you do not look good in a thong or a speedo, not that you would ever catch me in one!
We did once see a woman who was in the 5'2" range and probably 300 lbs who was proudly walking around in her bikini on ship. We really had to look twice and closely as you could not tell if she had on bottoms without looking very closely. Not pleasant. One should be comfortable in their body but also reasonable and other should not make fun of their wieght. Choice of clothing yes, weight no. <G>

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