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I never realized I would start all these posts when I wrote the original post. We took our cruise to Mexico in late April. OH MY GOD. How did I get to be 4** well never mind, how did I get to be my age and miss something as wonderful as cruising? Loved it. Size didn't matter a bit. Course I'm not one to run around in my bathing suit, but I did go swimming in Costa Maya, and we rented a golf cart in Cozumel and wandered around. I guess after reading some of the posts before I wrote the original post I had forgotten how cruel some people can be. I try not to let anything stop me in doing what I want, but every once in a while I get weak. When I wrote the post, that was one of those moments. To people of size-Go. It's the experience of a life time. There may be things you can't do because of your size, so don't do them. Everything is up to you. It was great. We're looking to go again, maybe February to Grand Caymen. I tried to talk my hubby into selling the house and investing in powerball tickets, then when we win we could cruise all the time. He seems to think if we bought every ticket but 2, one of those 2 would win--such negative thinking! Anyway, thanks to those who encouraged, and shame on all you negative people. You had better hope your looks are not the first thing to go, because with your personalities, you're definetly going to lead a lonely life.
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