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Default Re: Re: Old people cut lines

Yes Mr. Lumberjack,

I was TOTALLY RELATING to the original poster's gripe and as the OP was talking about America and the seniors cutting lines, my post was COMPLETELY RELEVANT AND TOPICAL to this gripe.

that is the very reason why I posted it - I never said that English old people do not do that as well and I am sure that after post 9/11 if some British old biddies refused to go along with the heightened security measures and jumped lines, many Americans would have not have been too pleased either.

If you read some of my posts, you will realise that I love America and Americans and have many American close friend who come to visit us here in the Uk. I was not America bashing but giving a very clear example and what I witness just a couple of weeks ago and the offenders were YES AMERICANS!!!!!!! Sorry if it offended you, but it seemed very topical on what this thread was about.

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