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Default Re: refund on cruise and flight in case of bad weather

Author: sblahars (
Date: 09-08-05 07:27

I think the original poster is just kind of annoyed because it shouldn't be a gamble to plan your vacation

Any vacation you plan is a gamble. You can plan a land vacation to a Caribbean island, and have a hurricane affect it, or you can plan a camping trip, and get rain the entire time. You can miss an airplane connection with a flat tire on your car. A family member can become ill and you have to cancel. All sorts of gambles involved.

With the costs involved travel insurance covers most of the risks.

And the original poster in this thread said they knew about the availablity of insurance, and chose not to purchase it.

When laying out significant dollars for any purchase it's up to the buyer to have some responsibility to know what they are buying.

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