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Default Lyme disease from Caribbean?

Hello..can anyone tell me if Lyme disease is prevelant in the Caribbean? I have been having many symptoms (see last post) and have expressed concern to my doctor of Lyme disease. I told him I got a wierd bug bite that hurt for a few days on my ankle. No "bulls-eye" rash..but strange dots by it. He told me to have Lyme disease I would have to be somewhere where deer live.

1) Are there deer in Cozumel, Jamaica, Aruba or Curaqao?
2) Do there have to be deer..I heard it can be mice too?

I have been having muscle aches, fatigue, weakness, lightheadedness, slight fever, stomach problems, red "flushed" looking face and headaches since my cruise in March. This all started 1 month after the cruise. Have had bloodwork done that comes back fine..but doc doesnt want to test for Lyme..says the test often comes back false positive, false negative.
What do you think?

Thanks alot!
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