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Default Re: On-board Diarhea

A couple of years ago on the Ecstasy I ordered the Seafood dish in red sauce that consisted of scallops, shrimp, and lobster on the first night and paid for it the next morning. I was sick the next morning-diarrhea and vomiting. I was able to purchase some Imodium from the ship's nurse and was told that a virus was going around the ship. In my group of 35 I was the only person to get sick. My mom suspects that it was food poisoning, because the ship probably served the left over from the night before. No one else in my group ordered the dish. I've been on three cruises since that time and each time on the first night the same entree is on the menu and to this day I won't eat anything with a red sauce unless I or my mom prepare the meal. Also, on the Victory this past December I told our waiter that I could go for another lobster and was told that they use the left over lobster in the Seafood entree. Good thing I had been to the Bahamas too many times because I found a bench on the main street and sat there until my mom finished shopping. I didn't feel better until that Sunday evening.
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