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Default Re: dramamine for teens

Hi! Don't know if you'll get this cause I just saw the message but a couple of years ago I went on my first cruise. I had put it off with everyone cause of my problem with motion sickness I've had since I can remember. Coming from Hawaii, I traveled alot interisland and was constantly sick, even just traveling cross town. Anyway, I got patches from my doctor and was afraid to try it. So I decided to go with the Dramamine non-drowsy. I took one on our drive up to the port, 12 hours later, I took another, and every 12 hours I took one. It worked like a charm! One a rough seas day, I took an extra half and it calmed me right down. We took the Alaska cruise too. My motherinlaw took generic Meclizine but not enough since the dose is only half of a regular dramamine. The others with us didn't take anything cause they were being tough so they all were bedridden for awhile. I had a great time enjoying quiet time for myself on deck. But like some meds, try it out to see if there is a reaction before taking. Bonine is great too but I'm a Dramamine non drowsy person and totally sold!
Have a great trip!
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