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Default Re: the very best thing!..or worst?

Best? 20 bottles of vanilla to bring home for Christmas presents. This was something that I had planned to purchas and took bubblewrap, tearable table, and gallon zip lock bags. Checked all the shops near port in Cozumel for best price, glass bottles etc. Very, very heavy in carry on bag...but it had wheels. Had the airport security stumped for a moment, but the bobble wrap helped, no need to open each one. Another best: Wonderful silver In Cozumel. I don't even care at this point about the price of one necklas...a rigid silver pc that looks like a work of art for $60....

Worst: tshirts that were wrong size or shrunk horribly or the color ran for family members....they have to go in a tshirt quilt as a memory.!

Another best: Yellow Margaritaville socks from Jamaica...just cause they are so much fun to wear! .
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