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Default Re: Demise of Shopping in Port

I think you need to be retested for your Black Belt Anne. Where is your sense of adventure? Your instinct for the hunt? Shopping while travelling is a professional sport.
Only to be tried by the stronges members of the tribe (family).
Rushing down the main street to comparison shop jewelry, electronics or maybe leather goods in every possible shop in town. Negotiating a final deal. Trying to get it all done and still spend the afternoon snorkelling. Bringing your "find" back on the ship and displaying it for the four other women at your table. It is all part of the "hunt" is it not? Does price really matter as much as the "bauble" and the great story that you can tell about it's purchase in some exotic land where most of your friends have never been.
The thrill of knowing that if you make a mistake you have almost no recourse to get it fixed . Gram is a former World Champion in several classes of Travel Shopping
and I believe she intends to defend her title in St Thomas and St Martin in about 10 days. She will be competing in jewelry and perfume most definately . Each port will close for a week to restock the shelves after she leaves. Oh yes, she is undefeated
in the "souvenir for grandchildren catagory" and ships will turn around and sail for Tortola if they hear she is shopping in Charlotte Amoile. No point in landing, nothing left for anyone else.
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