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Default RE: Boo Jamaica

I must be doing something wrong, or maybe right. We have been to Jamacia five times including with our youngest son when he was only 13yrs old. Each time we have had a wonderful time! The first time we hired a taxi driven by a man named 'Cappy' and he took us all over, helped us get some great bargains, and even held on to our shopping bags while we went off for a couple hours on our own before he came back to pick us up at the appointed time! My wife and I walk to town now and have a great time talking and joking with the locals and looking at their handycrafts. We have never felt threatened, (I can pick up on that pretty good), and have never been offered drugs. We love to go to the strawmarket and 'haggle' with the locals and always are satisfied with the deals we get. The main thing is that we display friendliness and respect towards the local people and enjoy joking with them. They have always returned this friendliness tenfold towards us. I'm not saying that Jamacia is totally safe, but that I really think much of it depends on your expectations and attitude, and that includes your unconcious fears/expectations as displayed by your body language that you may not be aware of. Just be aware of your surroundings and look people in the eye when you talk to them and SMILE! The photo is the StrawMarket right downtown.

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