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Default "All Terrain Truck Off Road Expedition" Tour in Co

This was a complete rip off. All the advertisements said it was a Mercedes Benz Unimog truck and it turned out to be a International flat bed truck painted camo with seats added on the back.

I specifically booked this tour because I am familiar with Unimogs. They are basically Hummers on steroids for those that dont know. The video onboard even showed a Unimog. It was definately implied in the advertisements for this tour, both online (RCCL web page) and video on board, that this was supposed to be some form of extreme wildlife siteseeing tour. The tour consisted of riding on typical Mexican roads and we never ventured offroad. The guides were fine and in the end it wasnt bad I guess but if I had known what it truly was about I would have done something else. It certainly wasnt worth the money.

We let RCCL know this and they did credit us some money but it was a wasted day in port for us and money out of pocket.
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