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Default Automatic Tipping: NO!

$9.75 per day for food! I don't think so. I tip based on service and the quality and varity of the food. Personally
If I were on one of these ships that tried that stunt, I'd
be complaining to the Purser or who ever and in a very loud
voice drawing so much attention that they would need to call
security. If enough people do that, they will discontinue
that new policy. If people are just introverted, then the
cruise lines can afford to loose people like me.

There have been a few times in nice resturants where I felt
the service was poor, but I would call the server over and
tell them what they didn't do and would let them know that
their inadequate service would be reflected in their tip.
I would ususally leave one "penney" as the tip on my
credit card bill. Most of those incidents I also reported
to the manager or even the owner. I work hard for my money
and if I'm going to pay my employee, the server, then I
want a good job done. That applies across the board in all
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