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Default Re: Automatic Tipping: NO

Most of the sutomatic tipping that I know of allows you to alter the amount, hight or lower. There is a slight cock of head and raise of the eyelash when we gave a lower amount. The best was "would you repeat that?" I did and told them if there was any issue I could give nothing at all.

Tipping is voluntary....having it mandatory is a fee, very different obligations.

Just in case you think we are too cheap, we gave $9.00 a day pp the suggested tipping on the Renaissance Cruise is combined for room and waitstaff.

A waitstaff person that was leaving the ship when our cruise was over gave an interesting piece of info stating that the money received is trickled down through even more hands than they tell us, with people we never come in contact getting part of the action. This may or may not be true as I have no way to check it out, anyone know for sure????
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